Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website so that it ranks as highly as possible in results pages of search engines for certain search terms/keywords that are related to the content on your website. There are a number of factors that are assessed by search engine ranking algorithms such as page titles, URLs, links to your website, quality of content, usability on mobile devices - the list goes on. Being aware of these and more importantly knowing how to use them to your benefit can make a huge difference to how highly your website ranks in search engine results pages for your given keywords.

Why Is SEO Important for Businesses?

The usage of search engines to answer online queries has increased dramatically over recent years. On average Google alone now processes over 40,000 queries every second which is roughly 3.5 billion a day and that is not counting the usage of other major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and Yandex.

In most cases search engines are people's first port of call when contemplating buying products, browsing for a good place to eat or looking for overnight accommodation making it imperative for businesses to have a strong online search presence.  If you rank highly for your key search terms then you will likely increase the amount of people visiting your website which will increase the chances of gaining new customers.

What Are the Benefits for Local Businesses?

With the amount of searches performed from mobile devices on the increase it is imperative that local businesses ensure they are optimised for local search. Search engines such as Google will often alter the results for searches from a mobile device to factor in data from any listings in the local vicinity. Setting up a Google My Business account and encouraging customers to leave reviews and comments can help you appear higher in local searches which will of course increase the possibility of reaching new customers. It is also important to make sure your website is responsive with "mobile friendliness" now being factored in Google's mobile search ranking algorithm.

How Can I Help?

I offer a variety of packages to help you maximise your website's search potential and identify the key terms that will help you convert website traffic in to sales. For more information or to discuss your search engine optimisation requirements further then please get in touch today.